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Getting your first mortgage can seem daunting. We’ll guide you through all of the steps below and do most of the work whilst keeping you informed of your mortgage’s progress

1 - Initial consultation

We will assess your affordability and the maximum mortgage you can borrow. We'll also be able to advise you on any schemes you may be eligible for.

2 - Quote & summary

Once we know the basic figures around your siuation, we can provide you with a summary of the potential deals available to you. We'll also discuss a breakdown of the fees within the mortgage.

Stage 1
Agreement in principle

3 - Get your agreement in principle

When you are happy with a particluar deal then we will get you a AIP (Approval in Principle).

This is pre approval form the lender based on the information you have so far provided and a credit search.

This won't cost you any money and you are not commited in any way. It does however allow you to go looking for your dream home with the confidence that you will likely be able to get a mortgage.

4 - Put in an offer

Once you have found a house within your budget then put in an offer with your estate agent and wait to see if it is accepted.

5 - Inform us if your offer is accepted

We will check if the mortgage we quoted you for is still the best value deal for you. Lenders are always changing their offers.

6 - Instruct a solicitor

The legal work will be carried out by a solicitor and we can help you find a reputable one. Once chosen we can deal with the solicitor on your behalf.

Stage 2
Put in an offer

7 - Confirmation, evidence & valuation

We will assess your affordability and the maximum mortgage you can borrow. We'll also be able to advise you on any schemes you may be eligible for.

8 - Formal mortgage offer

This is a formal document and will be shared between yourself, the solicitor and your broker and allow you to progress. The solicitor will now be able to proceed in the background with a variety of checks.

Stage 3
The mortgage process

9 - Exchange of contracts

You can arrange a moving in date with the sellers and let us know. Once this date is confirmed your solicitor will exchange contracts on your behalf; from here on in you and the seller are contractually commited to complete the buying/selling process.

10 - Completion

Your solictor will organise a completion date and the lender will transfer funds to the seller. Your broker can organise any insurances for you and you can now move into your new home!

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There are many factors at play. You need to consider your income, savings, outgoings and the price of the property you are looking at buying. There are basic mortgage affordability calculators online but if you call us or book a consultation, we can tailor this to your specific situation.

There are two main types on mortgage:

• Repayment mortgages
• Interest only mortgages

The latter are mainly reserved for buy to let mortgages with the idea being to only repay the interest and not the principle. Most people opt for a repayment mortgage – over time you pay less interest and more capital as the borrowed amount reduces.

There are also sub types Fixed rate, variable rate, offset and tracker mortgages. We can discus these all over the phone and which one will be best suited to your situation.

Ashby Mortgages can help you compare mortgages comprehensively with a wide range of products from the High Street and Specialist Products not available direct.

It is a statement made by a lender confirming its willingness to lend you a specific sum of money based upon the information you have put forward and a credit search. A lender will dig deeper upon a full application and should any issues be uncovered you may still be refused a mortgage.

If you go to a bank for your mortgage you will only be presented with their offerings. A broker however will help you compare mortgages comprehensively with a wide range of products from the High Street and Specialist Products not available direct Another advantage of going through a broker is their vast knowledge of the mortgage market and their assistance in completing your mortgage.

If you have never owned a home then yes you are qualified as a first time buyer. You can however qualify for a first time buyer mortgage if you do not currently own a home but previously have, however this is lender specific. We can present these options to you within our consultation.

Lenders offer mortgage rates based on 5 – 50% deposits and generally the larger the deposit, the better the rate. However, there are some mortgage products out there, particularly for first time buyers, that include parental / guarantor help and can effectively mean you don’t need a deposit. Instead a guarantor would need ample savings or equity in their property to offer up as security. This security would be taken by the bank should you not keep up the repayments on your mortgage.

Valuation fee – This will be shown on the mortgage quote and can cost between £150 – £500. It is done on behalf of the lender as part of their due diligence checks.
Lenders fees – From £0 to potentially 0-2% of the property value. These can be either paid up front or added onto the mortgage. These will be highlighted in your mortgage illustration and are set by the lender.
Broker fee – We charge a flat fee of £195 once your mortgage offer is issued.
Solicitor fees – Ranging from £1000 – £2000 to cover standard conveyancing.
Stamp duty – Subject to homeowner status and property value. Can be estimated on the government website. Your broker can go through this with you in specific detail upon a consultation

Please feel free to book a consultation with us for advice and guidance on acquiring a mortgage.